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  1. It's a good way to preserve our planet. Our planet thanks us for it because the waste is reduced and products are given a second life chance.

  2. Thanks for this blog! I think having good ideas to imporve our enviorement is fantastic. This blog helps me in order to give a second chance to several things which I thought were rubbish.

    I wish I would learnt more about upcycling thanks to this blog!

    Comment by Student of 5 of the language school

  3. In my opinion, upcycling is a good way to create new products with reused materials and to produce them without damaging the natural resources using things that you do not want at that moment.

    Upcycling consists in using things that people throw away and turning them into new ones.

    In addition, people can see upcycling as a new opportunity to create other objects helping the environment and developing human creativity.

    Raquel Guerrero Oria (B2 student. EOI Cádiz)

  4. Congratulation for your blog! It´s very useful for students and teachers.
    I think that upcycling is a wonderful way to reduce waste. I´d like to be more creative and able to make useful items with all my old stuff.
    I´m keen on these decorations. I love them! I hope I´ll make something like that some day.
    I recommend going on making this kind of projects. What about decorating all the classroom? I´ll help you if you want.
    Thank you for making our school more beautiful and enviromentally friendly.
    Mª de los Santos Pérez Delgado (B2 student. EOI Cádiz)


    Teenagers and adults should reduce the amount of rubbish that we generate in our daily lives so that we can save money and, more importantly, we can help to save the planet too.
    Each person should make his or her tiny contribution to get a cleaner planet and to have a comfortable life in the future.

    Recycling and upcycling our waste is a responsible way to get it. For example, we can use printed papers on both sides or we can make jam from ripe fruit. They are both very easy ways to recycle.

    1. This is a comment by a B2 student from the EOI Cádiz.
      Thanks for your contribution.

  6. What is upcycling?
    It is a process to transform, break or turn products into new materials or better things.
    First of all, it is an interesting activity because people recycle things so that they can save money and, more importantly, save the natural resources of the planet.
    In addition, upcycling can be fun because people can use their imagination and create a lot of beautiful things.
    Finally, I think that upcycling is useful for a lot of things and we have a good time doing it.
    People should try to do it not only to save their money, but also to help save the planet!

    1. This is a comment by Lorena Prieto, a B2 student from the EOI Cádiz.
      Thanks for your contribution.

  7. Upcycling? I do it!
    Although I had never heard this word in my life, after I understood the meaning, I realized that we had been upcycling for ages.
    There has been a tradition in my family since my great-grandmother got married. When she died, she gave her treasured possessions to her daughters. My grandmother received some of her personal possessions such as clothes and she modified them in order to use them. Next, my mum did the same as her mother. Last Christmas my mother made some beautiful curtains out of the old linen towels which she had inhereted form her mother.
    I believe I will continue reusing old things as my family does. I think it is a great tradition as well as a good way to care for the environment.

    Ana Requena (B2 student. EOI Cádiz)

  8. I had never heard about upcycling before I did it in the English class.
    From my point of view upcycling is a fantastic idea not only to help the planet, but also to save money when you want to redo your home.
    Avoiding the negative effects of waste disposal such as air pollution or energy waste is a benefit of upcycling.
    What strikes me the most about upcylcing is that you can make any useful object from an unwanted thing!
    At first, I made the assumption that it was going to be difficult. However, I realized it wasn´t.
    Now I have a new lamp made of plastic, so what are you waiting for?
    Let´s go upcycling!

    Mª Paz García Bernal (B2 student. EOI Cádiz)

  9. In my own opinion, upcycling is a fantastic idea in order to protect our planet. It is very important to reduce waste which affects the environment.
    Upcycling is an environmentally friendly idea and it is essential if we want to help protect our city form waste.
    I believe that everybody should reuse their unwanted things to produce less waste.
    Finally, I consider that the government should promote upcycling to improve the environment.

    Laura Zamorano Hermida (B2 student. EOI Cádiz)