domingo, 10 de marzo de 2019



Our current society has to deal with serious environmental problems and one of them is the excess of rubbish. Each of us produces an enormous amount of litter daily and if we do not want to end up surrounded by it, we must take action. I would like to give you some advice to improve this situation.

Firstly, we must avoid the excess of packaging when we buy anything, we must always keep this thought in mind in our daily shopping. Did you know there are shops where we can buy bulk, like in the old times? This way you can take your own containers or bags and we will produce less waste in our house and in the world.

Secondly, we must try to give a long life to our electronic devices, appliances and clothes. I wonder if it is really necessary to buy other things when they are broken or unfashionable. Can they be repaired? Is it necessary to change our mobile phone every year?  I think it is important to consider this before making a decision. If we give these items a long life, we will also produce less electronic waste, which is highly polluting. If it is not possible, we must always take them to a recycling centre. The planet will thank us for doing it!!

In conclusion, we must raise awareness about the negative impact of waste on all living creatures in our planet earth. Using things very little and throwing them away is a mistake, so we must try to cut it down. We should be more responsible and thoughtful about our consumption habits and we should always try to recycle our waste. We must not turn our planet into a huge landfill.

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