lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016


The world is undergoing a change because every day ordinary people are more unconscious and use more energy in their daily life, so the environment is getting worse. In my opinion, we should deal with this problem and work out a solution. As far as I am concerned, there are plenty of ways we can protect the environment in the language school. Some suggestions can be:

The colour green can help us
My first idea is to plant some plants and trees at the language school. Each class could plant a different kind of tree or plant and write some information about it. As I see it, this activity has a lot of advantages because we are going to do a collaborative task, learn about plants and trees and produce more oxygen. 

My second suggestion is to raise awareness about the three R (recycle, reduce and reuse). In this activity each student could do a small poster about how we can improve these problems. One possibility might be to ask and answer a question, for instance: What things can we recycle? How can we save electricity at home? What object can we reuse?  Another option can be writing a cartoon or a story about these topics. 

Come on outside!

My final plan is to go outside and encourage good behavior in the street. In this activity we can stare at people and if they do something well (do not throw rubbish in the street, recycle, do not waste water at the showers on the beach, use a bike…) we can give them a small prize (a pen, a key ring…), maybe they remember this moment, tell  another person and repeat this action.

To sum up, as you can see there are a lot of possibilities. From my point of view, if everyone collaborates we can improve this situation.

by a student of 2ºNA (English)

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