lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Some ideas to improve our eco-awareness

The aim of this report is to present some ideas to improve the Eco-Project of the Language School in Cadiz and obviously our eco-awareness.

Better use of energy
Our first idea is to improve the use of the energy system in the school. The headmaster should ask for different proposals that improve the use of the energy and so the school becomes a green and efficient school with the implement of alternative energy such as led bulb, solar panels, wind energy and so on. Shortly, most people will have installed this sort of energy to generate electricity.

Green week
We would celebrate a green week and try to reach an important percentage of students and teachers (70/80 percent) that use public transport or, even more, don't use cars or another type of polluting vehicles. We have to achieve a better awareness of pollution and try to avoid this kind of vehicles. In addition, the school could set up a green award for the best student or teacher who use much more a bike to arrive at school. The award could be two or three hours during a week of speaking with a teacher or a foreign assistant.

Eco-ideas competition
We would like to propose an environmental ideas competition in the school. The three best ideas will be awarded a discount of 20 % in the next school trip. Not only students but also teachers can present ideas or projects to improve the school environment. We would choose the best ideas and all students and teachers could vote for three of them.

Eco-projects in the net
Our final recommendation is to show videos or films with green projects from other most advanced countries or school to learn more from them

To sum up, we can get everyone in this school to become concerned about the environment and become a green person. Finally, the school could be designated eco-friendly.

Antonio Rodríguez Cabañas NA 2.

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