lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Ideas for the ‘eco-week’

The aim of this report is to present the ideas of my class for the ‘eco-week’ that is going to be the next week.

* A recycle competition among other classes.
Our main idea is to motivate ourselves to recycle and the best way we have found for it is making a competition among other classes. The principal could give an award to the winner class, a big prize is not needed.

* Visiting the recycle centre
Visiting  the recycling centre can be very usefull because  this way we can understand how the process of recycling works and the staff can explain us what we could do to improve.

* Outing to a nature park
We could do an outing to a nature park, it would help us to be aware of how important  nature is and to know different kinds of trees and plants.

* Making posters about the water cycle.
Each class could make a poster in order to do an exhibition of all of them. It would help us to understand how the cycle runs  and also work in group..

In conclusion, we are very enthusiastic about the ‘eco-week’. Moreover, we would like to make a brochure explaining all the events and send it to all the teachers to give it to their students.

by a student of 2º NA (English)

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