domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

Hi everyone,

I would like to share with all of you one of my passions "Reusing" also known as "Upcycling".  In other words, it is transforming a useless object or waste into another useful object which is completely different. Using your creativity you can transform them in home decorations, furniture and even art pieces. The main objective of this activity is making useful things, without buying any raw materials.

I started to practice this activity a few years ago because, first of all, I love doing crafts. I believe being able to create items yourself is an enormous satisfaction.

Secondly, as a human being I sometimes wonder whether our planet will be able to stand our current life-style. We are depleting our natural resources as if they were infinite. At the same time we are producing a huge amount of waste day after day. Doing upcycling you will reduce waste and avoid using raw materials. Therefore, you will reduce energy consumption.

Furthemore, the materials that you will use are free, so you don´t have to spend money to create your items.

Some people wonder about what skills they would need to do it. To be honest, you do not need so many. Obviously, you need to be skillfull, but don´t panic because the more you practice, the more skillful you will be.

If you see eye to eye with me about the positive benefits of this activity, don´t hesitate anymore and join me to do this eco-friendly and artistic activity.

In the photo you can see the lamp in my kitchen made with plastic cutlery from a party with friends.

B2 student.

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