domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017


There are many ways we can produce less waste which have an important and negative impact on the environment. Reducing waste and using environmental measures is essential in order to save our planet.

Firstly, people usually use their own vehicles in order to go to work or go to the university, for example.

No one would argue the fact that a car or a motorbike is more comfortable than public transport. However, this kind of vehicles is very polluting and dangerous for the environment, so if you want to protect your planet you should use public transport or even hybrid vehicles.

Secondly, it is probably true to say that the large companies and industries produce a great amount of waste and gas emissions which damage the environment. In my opinion, this companies and everybody in general should recycle their waste in order to pollute less.

Finally, I am also concerned about some kinds of energies which are terrible for the environment, such as petrol or nuclear energy. I believe that we should use renewable energies like solar energy using solar panel or wind energy using wind turbines.

In conclusion, people should be concerned about environmental problems which have awful consequences on the planet.

B2 student.

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