domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

Ideas for the Eco-school Project

The objective of this report is to propose three ideas so as to improve the Eco-school Project.

Solar panels
Our first idea is installing solar panels in order to use sunlight, or solar energy for heating and lighting the school building. This is a good idea because the building is really cold in winter and it wastes a lot of electricity. We could ask the local government for a grant to carry the cost.

We could create a branch of to bring things to the school that we don’t need and can be reused. All kinds of things such as clothes, shoes, furniture and so on can be reused.

Cleaning beaches and forests
Our final proposal is to form a schoolcleanup group so as to clean some beaches, forests or rivers every weekend. We would work and have fun at the same time.

To sum up, everyone should take part in these activities in order to reduce our carbon footprint.
B2 student.

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