domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

“Recycling activities”

Nowadays, recycling is an important issue because our society is used to consuming everything that is new in the market. As a result, everything they don’t want any more is wasted.

From our school, we can organize some recycling activities, like workshops on handicrafts, so that we can save some raw materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, plastic or metal, reusing them again and again. In addition, water and energy can be saved too because making new products from recycled products is cheaper than making them from raw material. Besides, the last and the most important thing is that waste is reduced in landfills.

In my opinion, we could do three activities. One recycling activity could be to make soap with domestic oil. The students and teachers will take oil which has already been used and we will make soap with it. This soap can be used in the school toilets.

Another activity would be to make cards, bookmarks gift wrappings and carton boxes with recycled paper. They would be used by the students in their classes.

The last activity could be to make containers for recycling paper, plastic or glasses with carton boxes. They would be placed in each class.

In conclusion, the aims of these activities are to provide the school with recycled material and to make people aware of participating in recycling activities.


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