domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

To run an Eco-school,  in addition to the ongoing measures such as  the use of recycled paper in the printer  and the placement of small containers of different colours  for different kinds of rubbish,  there are other ideas to consider.

With the appropriate aid from the government  or from the CEE,  some solar panels could be installed, taking advantage of the sunny  days in this part of the country. These solar panels  would reduce the cost of power, and would supply  heating and hot water to the building, that is very cold and wet.

Another idea could be to choose a day to do free-cycling, that is to say, people would take small pieces of furniture, domestic appliances, clothes,  and so on, which  other people may need. The school would  provide  a space  to make these exchanges.

And  last  but not least, you could replace the water vending machine and have a water fountain where people could  refill  their own bottles and so  reduce the consumption of plastic bottles.
B2 student.

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