domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

We only have a planet. Keep it alive!

Nowadays the pollution level is increasing alarmingly because people and industries take less care of the environment.

On the one hand, industries are focused on their benefits or how to get more money with less investment, so they do not pay attention to manufacturing with recycling or recyclable materials which are more expensive than conventional ones.
On the other hand, people live in small homes; accordingly, people do not have storage space for different kinds of dump in their home.

Does this mean our planet is condemned? Of course not!! There are people whose lives are dedicated to protecting and saving our planet, but, what do they do or who are they? They are called with several names depending on their life style, however. Today I’d like to introduce people who like doing upcycling.

Upcycling is about providing a second life to products which everyone would consider like waste. For instance, they make wallets from milk cartons or make lamps from plastic spoons. It sounds interesting doesn’t it?

There are several kinds of people who try to keep our planet safe, if you want to meet them and know more about what they do, do not forget to visit our school blog!!

Written by AlmudenaTrigo Garcia student of 5th year official school of languages.

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