domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

Ideas for the recycling project in the school
The aim of this report is to present environmental measures for the recycling project of the school.

Recycling facilities
One possibility is to recycle the school products in recycling facilities which would be in every classroom. For example, each student could recycle their pencils, pens, plastic bottles or even notebooks when they have to throw them away.
Students will be able to separate their waste in different bins instead of doing it in a single one.

Papers on both sides

Another idea is to use papers on both sides in order to do homework or take notes. It might be a good idea to make photocopies on both sides too in order to save paper.

Recycling workshops and courses

The final idea is to organize recycling workshops and courses in the school to inform teachers and other students about the importance of recycling. One suggestion is to make some school decorations using recycled materials in the recycling workshop. 
The final recommendation is that you must reuse or recycle your unwanted things in order to reduce waste. Everyone should know the importance of environmentally friendly ideas to save the planet.

B2 Student.

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